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Pop Art in the Bottle

While gin is a transparent liquid, a whole palette of flavors pops up once you smell or taste it. A variety of flavors which is as colorful and bright as pop art.

Gin - by far the most colorful and vibrant spirit 

Order truly yours Pop Art in the Bottle

One Bottle

Pop Stone Gin

 Pop Art in the Bottle for you!

pop-stone-gin - back (4).jpg


Because two are better than one!

 Pop Art in the Bottle for you!

PopStoneGin_Back1 (1).jpg


Pop Stone Gin 
Handcrafted modern premium GIN with a twist of Classic 


pop gin... not contemporary, not classic but pop

Origin: Austria & Serbia

Distillery: Salty Stone distillery

Content: 0,7L

Alcohol: 45%

ideally fitting tonic: dry tonic

garnish: Orange Peel or  strawberry wedge


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